– Share information about your pets with the help of free dynamic QR-codes

We are glad to greet you on a web-page which is a part of a free QR-codes creating service. The goal of our service is to help you place your information on the Internet and get the link to the information in the form of a QR-code. QR-code is a square image with some information encoded in it. The abbreviation QR stands for Quick Response. You can find more information about QR-codes on Wikipedia.

The main advantages of QR-codes are small size and possibility to extract the information encoded in it with the help of a smartphone’s camera in combination with free software. If we encode in a QR-code a web-link then scanning and reading that link will save us from typing the link by hands. The fact that web-links are very often a pretty long sequence of symbols makes the possibility of automatically getting the link and opening it in your smartphone’s browser a very attractive perspective.

The web-site which you are now on is aimed to placing and storing information about pets. Initially when we created web-site, the goal was to help find dogs in cases in which the animal is lost or has escaped. But the more we thought on QR-codes’ usage the more we realized that QR-codes could be useful for sharing information about other pets and as a result we decided to create a separate domain where its users could share the information about any of their pets. Also in our project we use such domains as for sharing your personal information and for sharing any information which doesn’t fit in previously described categories.

QR-codes allow you to get information about an object pretty fast. Based on this statement, it is possible to suggest using QR-codes on cages, aviaries or aquariums, so that those who would like to learn more about your pet could do it just by scanning the QR-code. In agreement with what was said before we can conclude that QR-codes could be very useful on all sorts of exhibitions, shows or animal competitions.

For adding and consequently editing your information on our service you will need the authorization. You can be authorized with the help of your account in such social networks as the followings: Facebook, Google+, VK, LinkedIn.

If you provided an e-mail address in your social network profile then the function of tracing QR-code scannings will be available for you. After activating the function you will receive reports of your QR-codes’ scannings on the e-mail address specified in your social network profile.

If you are ready to use our free service for creating your own dynamic QR-codes and you have already an account in the mentioned above social networks then open the following link:
Free online dynamic QR-codes generator with tracking of scans

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